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Aforti Exchange

Current exchange rates

Data updated: 4 October 2023, 21:57
EUR PLN4,59894,6155
USD PLN4,37324,3897
GBP PLN5,31515,3327
CHF PLN4,76974,7975
EUR USD1,04571,0556
CZK PLN0,18720,1906
NOK PLN0,39700,4005
SEK PLN0,39360,3990
RON PLN0,88590,9181
EUR RON4,95864,9896
EUR CHF0,94630,9782
EUR GBP0,84360,8855
CNY PLN0,58680,6171
USD JPY148,5466149,5622
EUR CNY7,63937,7014
GBP USD1,21001,2201
DKK PLN0,61490,6211
USD CNY7,28507,3330
EUR JPY156,2215157,2358
* Wholesale rates

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