Aforti Exchange

Current exchange rates

Data updated: 12 July 2024, 23:00
EUR PLN4,24754,2638
USD PLN3,89153,9101
GBP PLN5,05755,0761
CHF PLN4,34884,3761
EUR USD1,08461,0961
CZK PLN0,16630,1695
NOK PLN0,36180,3656
SEK PLN0,36780,3730
EUR CZK24,408026,4450
RON PLN0,83090,9531
EUR RON4,95324,9902
EUR CHF0,95830,9920
EUR GBP0,81720,8612
CNY PLN0,52320,5535
USD CNY7,23707,2850
EUR JPY171,7535172,8435
EUR CNY7,88477,9469
USD JPY157,3830158,4800
DKK PLN0,56710,5733
GBP USD1,29361,3040
* Wholesale rates

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