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Aforti Holding operational and sales results for January reach the figures achieved in 1Q 2016

3 February 2017

Aforti Holding Group, which renders financial services for the SME sector, presented its operational and sales performance for January 2017. The first month of new year saw a significant increase in the Group’s operations. In the period, Aforti Finance issued loans worth PLN 1.2 million. In January, Aforti Exchange recorded a threefold rise in the turnover at the foreign exchange platform when compared to January 2016. Aforti Collections dealt with debt recovery cases worth PLN 5 million.

In July Aforti Finance, which offers micro-loans for the small and medium-sized enterprises sector, had a really good start to the year. In January 2017 the Company recorded record performance in respect of the number of the loans issued as well as the value of loan applications filed. It issued loans in the total amount of PLN 1.2 million, whereas the value of the loan applications filed reached PLN 4.7 million. In comparison to December 2016, the figures show a growth by 21% and 151%, respectively. The increase is owed to the opening of 3 new branches.

“We estimated that January may be slightly weaker for Aforti Finance in comparison with December last year. The last month of the year is traditionally the period when loans attract many Clients due to the increase in expenditures. Still, January resulted to be an even better month when it comes to the value of loan applications and the value of loans granted. The performance results result from perfectly tailored loan offer and the development of sales network.”, Klaudiusz Sytek, the President of Aforti Holding S.A. says.

Aforti Exchange running an online foreign exchange platform reported a rocketing increase in its performance. In January 2017 it reached a turnover of nearly EUR 6.2 million (total turnover for 2016 amounted to EUR 28.9 million), which means it nearly tripled when compared to the same month last year.

“Aforti Exchange results for January reached the level the Company had in 1Q 2016, actually are even higher. If we used martial arts terminology we would say it was a real knockout. The soaring interest is a result of continuous rise of recognisability of our platform among entrepreneurs and ongoing improvement of our system.”, Klaudiusz Sytek says.

At the beginning of 2017, Aforti Collections recorded a decrease in the value of debt collection orders. In January it reached PLN 5.1 million against PLN 15.5 in December 2016. However, as Klaudiusz Sytek puts it, it is a natural consequence of very good results in preceding months:

“We are happy with Aforti Collections results. We need to remember that the company is quite young and has limited powers. The fall in the value of debt collection cases is due to the fact that we concentrate on the very process of debt collection, which is the basic operation of the company, and not on acquiring new orders. The potential increase on the periods to come is dependent on the effectiveness of the debt collection process and expanding our team.”, Klaudiusz Sytek stressed.

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