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Aforti Exchange

10 facts about AFORTI Exchange

21 March 2022

Ladies and Gentlemen,

we invite you to get to know the 10 most important values of AFORTI Exchange.
  1. AFORTI Exchange S.A. is one of the pillars of the AFORTI Capital Group.
  2. The company operates as a Small Payment Institution (SPI), providing money transfer services and as such is supervised by the Financial Supervision Authority.
  3. In 2021, turnover on the online currency exchange platform exceeded 4 billion PLN!
  4. The company offers its clients wholesale and favourable exchange rates and the possibility to negotiate fixed discounts.
  5. Thanks to the individual approach to the Client, entrepreneurs willingly use the special online currency exchange platform, deciding to cooperate for several years. Currently, the company also provides currency exchange services for individual Clients!
  6. Registration and use of the currency exchange platform are completely free of charge.
  7. Last year, AFORTI Exchange achieved many successes, including being listed among the 70 most innovative Polish fintechs according to and ranking among the 100 Biggest Polish Payment Companies according to, taking 2nd place in the currency exchange category.
  8. The AFORTI Exchange team, thinking of regular clients exchanging currency, created the Loyalty Programme, thanks to which users gain points which entitle them to exchange for prizes.
  9. From the beginning of 2022, users of the Loyalty Programme can exchange the points they collect for prizes from the new catalogue. The prize pool includes Apple phones, speakers, food processors and vouchers for unforgettable experiences.
  10. A team of experienced dealers ensures that transactions are processed safely.


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